One of the most significant benefits of membership for new pilots is training with our qualified instructor pilots(IP). We recommend you get in touch with your IP early in your membership. They can advise you on equipment, tips for assembly, and setup of your new model. You can also meet with any RSM members at the field and ask questions about getting into the hobby. Learning to fly is a major step to becoming a successful pilot and you will enjoy participating in various club activities while you are a member. Having a good instructor as you go through your early learning phase will help take out some of the frustrations and aggravation often faced by new flyers.


Our recommendation for your first trainer is an electric powered, high wing airplane with a tricycle landing gear. What we recommend as a club is an EFlite Apprentice Model STS 1.5M BNF Basic Smart airplane with a Spektrum radio that’s part of the package. This is a good size airplane for transporting and it has presence in the air. A larger plane is easier see from a distance. Also as part of the learning process, no matter how good any one is, there will inevitably be airplane crashes, either mechanical failure or human error. You therefore want an airplane that can easily be repaired as you continue your progression in R/C flying.


As a beginner pilot, we don’t recommend you invest in any type of warbird or aerobatic type airplane at this time. They require great skill and coordination most beginner pilots have not yet mastered and you will most likely crash and destroy your investment. Instead take the hobby one step at a time and have an experienced IP guiding you along.


Forest Preserve of Cook County (FPCC) and Radio Signal Modelers Club require that all members and visiting pilots obtain and display proof of current membership with the American of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and also have their aircraft registered with the FAA Small Unmanned Aircraft Registration (UAS).





AMA membership includes 2.5 million in personal liability insurance coverage, $25,000 in medical insurance, and $1000 in coverage for fire, theft, and vandalism. You also get a monthly publication of Model Aviation magazine, fly at AMA sanctioned events throughout the United States and visit and fly at thousands of AMA chartered club sites with appropriate club membership. AMA actively lobbies with different bodies of the Federal Government on behalf of the RC hobby to insure the rights and privileges we enjoy are protected.

RSM Club Instructor Pilots