Events Schedule

International Fun Fly   

Saturday June 13 2020  

10:00am – 2:00pm

Members, bring your friends and family for our first Fun Fly of the year. Consider this like a family picnic but with flying entertainment.  The theme for this event is all about food from different ethnic cultures in our club. We have Hungarian, Polish, Indian, Filipino, Italian, Irish, Mexican, Puerto Rican and American just to name a few. 


kawaii food, taco, pickle

Let us give our taste buds a flying good time and share and enjoy the diverse cultures in our club. Members if you don’t want to fly come out anyway and catch up or even meet new members. Consider this an icebreaker for those who have not been out recently. No landing fee needed. Hope to see you there!!

Sub-Nite Sunset Fun Fly

Thursday July 15 2020

5:00PM till 8:23PM

For those of you who like flying in the evening, this is for you. The club will be providing sub sandwiches, chips, and drinks for members to enjoy an evening of fun and bug bites. Let’s fly those planes, or helis, or whatever you want to launch in the air till the sun sets. No landing fee needed.

??????? Fun Fly – The Theme To Be Determined

Saturday August 15 2020

10:00 AM till 2:00 PM

 Possible themes include Airshow, pilot skills demo, new purchase show, scale plane/warbird show….. Let me know!!!

Competition Fun Fly

Saturday September 19 2020

10:00AM till 3:00PM

Let the competition begin!! Lets see who’s got it this year. 3 events will be held. Enjoy the friendly competition amongst your fellow club member and boasting rights for this year. Food and drinks provided by the club.

Laughter is allowed!! Landing fee is $5.