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Tips & Tricks

Hey Guys Balance Your Props!

              (Click to find out how)

Park Flyer Plastics

Newbie to Gas General Information

Make your own Throw Gauge

      Go to bottom of page click on “Scale Pdf.”

                         for scale print out

TOTAL CONTROL: The Right Way to Set Up Servos

Aileron Differential: Why it’s so important and how to set it up

Flying with flaps

Land Like A Pro

RC model airplane engines

Tips for working with CA glues

Micro Fasteners  Why pay $1.29 for 6 screws

Check out all these cool hobby tools

Understanding RC LiPo Batteries

Stop pulling wires out of the balance plugs on your Lipos

Heli Freak.com

If you are serious about Helicopters

   You must check out these sites


Fiberglass Specialties Model Aircraft Parts

     Does your landing gear bend out of shape on hard landings?

                                                                  Pre made and custom gear


 How to balance a three blade prop

                 Looking to step up that scale electric?

 Check out this link to MrRCSound Very loud many extras

                           and best of all affordable.

Check out these cool iphone apps

         1.   RC Flight Source

         2.   RC Hobby Stream

   Is your Lipo charged or not?

Can’t remember?  Check this out.


Aircraft Center of Gravity Calculator

Learn - How to become an awesome pilot - 3D Flying

How to Balance a Biplane

Glow to Electric Conversion Charts

Basic Aerobatics

R/C Dictionary

Covering Info

What kills your ESC? ESC

Check out WWW.MOTIONRC.COM They are a warehouse in

Lake Barrington illinois for FMS planes and accessories.