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Radio Signal Modelers RC Flying Club

Don Zeller

Flight Training Chairman, Instructor



Les Schier




RC Flight Instructors


As an integral part of your RSM membership we offer comprehensive flight instruction at no additonal charge. Simply join the club, contact an instructor, and set up a time to meet at the field.  

Of course we expect all new pilots to spend the time necessary familiarizing themselves with the basics of preparing their new plane in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.   And we expect new pilots to understand the basics of setting up and operating their transmitters…read the instructions please!

RSM instructors can help you with either glow powered nitro burning trainers, or modern electric powered trainers. Before you purchase your first plane, consider that a high wing trainer plane is easier to use for training than a low wing model, and the the larger the trainer is, the easier it is to see in the sky, and therefore control.    

Feel free to talk to an instructor before you decide as we have many years of experience with many different trainer planes.   We want for you to succeed in this rewarding hobby.

Learning to fly RC with an RSM instructor will be with a second controller known as a “Buddy Box”.  The instructor gives control to the student pilot at a safe altitude but then is ready to take back control in an instant to save the aircraft from crashing if the student gets into trouble,  Your new investment is safe in the hands of the instructor.    

Buddy Box Instruction…the safe path to learning RC…

The club has developed the Pilot Training Program Manual to help guide your formal RC instruction. Another great benefit of your RSM membership.

Join RSM Your First Plane

Check out our “Your First Plane” page where we give advice on your options when getting started…  

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Ray Capitulo

Helicopter Instructor