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Field Maintenance Pics

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Grass samples
When we started this weed removal program last March 2007, here is what the field looked like:
A mixture of weeds choking off any hope of grass growth. Lots of Buckhorn Plantain weeds sending up
tall shoots, grabbing our airplane wheels and making it very difficult to taxi or take off.

Now compare that to the below picture (May 2008 sample). 

A huge reduction in weeds and the grass is taking hold once again.

A "BEFORE" pic
Our flying field on April 2005, notice no hint of a runway, mostly weeds, very little grass, and those circles are mushroom rings with baseball sized heads that would bust a propeller on taxi.  It was difficult to take off and land even with a glow engine plane.

The "AFTER" pic
Our runway greatly improved, this pic was taken July 2010. Weeds are gone, mushroom rings gone and grass becoming dominant.

The first Spring spreader team races, MikeM, TerryG, DonZ, MikeR (taking pic) (March 2007)

The spreader team volunteers raced again this fall, winterizing our field.  Special thanks to MikeM, MikeR,  Vic, Rim, Paul, Steve, and Ed.  The weeds have significantly lessened and the grass is looking a whole lot better!  Also thanks to Schultz True Value Hardware for the discounted Scotts.  (Fall 2007)

The spreader team races continued again with even more volunteers. (May 2009)
Thanks to MikeR, Rim, Adam, Don, Ti, Paul, Vic, & Tom (taking picture)

Special thanks goes out to Stan, MikeM, & MikeR for quickly repairing the ATV damages this winter. The Forest Preserve Police frown on this behavior and we hear that the culprits were caught and arrested. (March 2008) 

It also takes a whole lot of work to keep the flying field surface nice and smooth.
The club rolls the field every year and this year was no exception. 

Thanks to Mike M. and the volunteers that rolled the field again this year. (May 2008).


Gene takes a spin at our Spring Field Rolling Party  (April 2007)

Stuck! Tony says " I thought I could get through it!"  The marsh pit, that is...

...but thanks to Jeff and son, the marsh pit has now been filled in with fresh dirt. (June 2007)


MikeR taming the savage grass. (Aug 2007)  Many thanks goes out to all club
members who stop by at mowing time and help out grooming the field.

August 2009 - MikeR gets our field rolled for free!! 
Many thanks to the generous people from Plote Construction who donated their time & equipment.
Using a 13 ton roller, our bumpy runway area gets a smoothing.

Also the club is very lucky to have George as a member, he made all of our aircraft benches from re-cycled lumber.  Thanks George!

See more pictures


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