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RSM'S Chili FunFly Dec 13th 2008

This had to be one of the craziest, wildest funflys we've done so far!  With winds reported at O'Hare to be 31 gusting to 43, and on Teds dare, we flew anyway and wow... what a ride!  

...and believe it or not... nobody crashed!

We had hot coffee and 4 different pots of homemade chili to sample from.


The new wind breaker side panels for the canopy worked out wonderful!  Warm and cozy.

Thanks to Tom for the comfy chairs.

Ted needed two of us to launch his giant Swift!

Ted didn't crash, so to make good on his promise, Mike R had to go next!

No problem! Back in one piece!

Not to be outdone, Steve also launches his Stryker without incident!



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