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Club Photo Gallery 2007

Club Members: Email your pictures to the webmaster to be included here in our club's new picture gallery. 
Also please include some sort of comment for each picture you send in so we know what we are looking at.

Hiam and son Ari having fun with their first glow plane 11-07

MikeR helps out with instruction during Hiam's flight school 11-07

Ryan Z's new baby 9-07

Mike M. It goes like a son of a B! 9-07

Hiam cuts Aris trainer cord and Ari earns his Wings 9-07

Mike Z - It's still flying! 8-07

Jeff's new Stryker 6-07

MikeZ's new plane he designed from scratch. ...and it flys well! 6-07

Mike M. Raptor 50 chopper 6-07

Marek's Formosa & Striker 5-07

Joey teaches another at Scouting day 5-07

Joe Run's up the U-Can-Do 5-07

Just before the crash! 5-07

Ted's Ultimate Bipe 5-07

Ted's Ultimate Bipe 5-07

Ted's Ultimate Bipe 5-07

Jeff's takeoff and landing solo 5-07

Jeff's landing approach 5-07

Jeff's Successful Landing! 5-07

Jeff R's Alpha 40 (Hanger 9) 4-07

Jim from Strickly RC and his electric Diamante25 4-07

Patrick H's Avistar 4-07

Mike D's Edge TOC Profile 4-07

RyanZ field pics 4-07

Ed W. field pics 4-07

JohnW field pics 4-07

MikeM's newest plane, the Yak-54 4-07

MikeZ's "will it fly?" upside-down & backward-flying experiment 4-07

Les applies his flying skills with a T-Rex 450SE heli 4-07

MikeM's vintage giant scale Cub 4-07

Ted's high speed Striker, modified with dual motors 4-07

MikeR's new plane for this spring, the Excell 2000 4-07

MikeR's swapfest gem, a cool vintage silk covered giant scale! 4-07

Joe's dual wing slowstick! 2-07

Ted's latest experimental wing. Because of the prop slot, you should hear the sound! 1-07

Ted's huge experimental wing 1-07

Terry's new cool foamy Extra 260 1-07

MikeR's electrically modified Air Surfer, no ailerons, no elevator, no rudder! 1-07

Winter bliss, Ted & MikeM at the Dome 1-07

Here is a picture of my new Yak-55 foamy. -MikeZ 1-07

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