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Club Photo Gallery 2006

Club Members: Email your pictures to the webmaster to be included here in our club's picture gallery. 
Also please include some sort of comment for each picture you send in so we know what we are looking at.

Some very cool aerial shots taken by Ted at the field (12-28-2006).  ''I mounted a digital camera to one of my giant flying wing electric planes and took these with the help of MikeM''  -TedN

Ted's new wing Dec 2006

Ted's new wing at the dome Dec 2006

Chili Cook-Off Dec 2006

Chili Cook-Off Dec 2006

MikeZ at Chili Cook-Off Dec 2006

MikeZ crashed and down but not for long! Aug2006

Terry's new toy Dec 2006

From Niam... MikeM flying his 110 Cub in the park!

Oh No! MikeZ's hard luck! Nov 2006

Dome Fly: Domo, Amigato, Paulie, Roboto, Vince

Little Chris retrieves his Yak after canopy blows off on maiden flight. Nov 2006

Les successfully maidens his newly built F18 jet. Nov 2006

New member Ari Naiditch age 9 soloed with Paulie as the instructor. Oct 2006

TedN flying wing Oct 2006.jpg

MikeM Giant Big Stick Oct 2006

MikeM Giant Big Stick Oct 2006

JoeK Oct 2006

Diago's jet Oct 2006

Diago's jet Oct 2006

Baby Yak & Daddy Yak

Paulie cutting grass Sep 2006

Paulie hovers for the Sunday crowd Sep 2006

Paulie - any given Sunday

Shiller Boyz out at Fox Valley Sep 2006

Shiller Boyz out at Fox Valley Sep 2006

Smokin' MikeM's Sundance Aug 2006

TedN's new toy Aug 2006

MikeR's Raptor 50 Aug 2006

MikeR's Hobbico Superstar 40 Aug 2006

The Gombert boys

Loyola emergency helicopter lands at our field! - See May 2006 Newsletter for details

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