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RSM Club Photo Gallery 2005

Club Members: Email your pictures to the webmaster to be included here in our club's picture gallery. 
Also please include some sort of comment for each picture you send in so we know what we are looking at.

Chili Fun-Fly Pictures - December 2005

Members of Radio Signal Modelers attending the Chili Fun Fly

Cleaning up the pit area

Intruders on field!

RSM President Mike Meitus readies his electic Banchee 3-D for some winter aerobatics

MikeM concentrates on getting his Electic Banchee back down

Ready for landing

Joe Kowalkowski helps Ed Bywalec get ready for snowy takeoff.

Ed Bywalec gets ready for snowy takeoff

...after snowy landing

Our field

George and Terry see if new shed measures up April 2005

Pedro helps Carlos on his Avistar

Mike's Scratch Built Giant Big Stick

See more pictures

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